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B2B Lead Generation Experts

What we do?

We are dedicated in creating  Lead Generation solutions aimed at growing the flow of potential prospects and as a result increasing the sales of our clients.

We carry out cross marketing campaigns in order that the different media complement each other in the results.

We are oriented to generate results for a maximum ROI.

We deliver to your sales team high quality leads to help them work more efficient so they can focus their time in closing sales, as well as in higher value activities.

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We help you identify and reach your target market, qualifying each opportunity individually, making sure that we approach the right audience according to your needs.

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We generate on your behalf a link with your future prospects to determine opportunity areas or the possibility of implementing your solutions in their companies.

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We seek long-term collaborations. Our goal is to make you grow and that we can do it together, while you focus on your core business, and do what you do best.

Why is it important to do Lead Generation?

It is the first step in the sales cycle. Doing it so effectively requires implementing specific strategies that allow the decision maker to be constantly focusing on the needs of target markets in order to ensure the fulfillment of commercial goals.

B2B lead generation ensures that you are constantly entering qualified prospects into your sales pipeline.

More qualified leads = MORE SALES
Ensure the fulfillment of your goals.

No matter how complex your company is, we bring our experience to accelerate the growth of your sales, we achieve sustainable results to help you look ahead and focus on closing new deals. We add qualified leads to your sales and marketing pipeline, drawing the attention of your target market through different strategies.

Do you want to increase your goals? A bigger pipeline? More sales opportunities? and/or higher productivity in your commercial executives?


  • Continuos flow and generation of qualified leads for your sales team.
  • A better time use by comercial teams.
  • Increase the effectiveness of sales closings.
  • We do personalized and independent campaigns for each of our clients.
  • A new commercial inertia is established in your company.
  • We are an ally for the fulfillment of commercial objectives.
  • Apply to your company the experience of having worked on more than 400 B2B lead generation campaigns in Latin America.

In FACTUM POINT we are dedicated to make YOUR COMPANY GROW

Industries we serve

  • Information Technology
  • Industry 4.0
  • Telecommunications
  • Consulting and coaching
  • Human capital solutions
  • Manufacturing
  • Other B2B services

International coverage

We have the experience of working throughout Latin America and the United States.

We regionalize your message, adapting it to the characteristics of each region or country.


Our services carry a warranty according to the accomplishment of the objective established in each campaign, so we always seek customer satisfaction.

Your lead generation partner in Mexico and Latin America

  • We facilitate lead generation from countries all over Latin America.
  • Our experience of more than 15 years makes that the lead generation process for your company is well represented in the region.
  • We use a combination of proven strategies and a bespoke plan tailored to your business, to consistently grow your sales pipeline with leads of your target criteria.
  • We have plenty of experience working with regional and / or local partners of international brands. We help enrich their process, obtain qualified leads and improve their sales effectiveness.


Nearshore Lead Generation

Working from Mexico, we provide to your campaigns dedicated professional agents, supervised by an experienced QA team that listens and validates calls.

Our proven process together with our knowledge of Latin American culture and language, will make your project a success, while reducing your costs between 35 % – 50 %.

Tell us about your needs and we will surely find a way to help you